Better Late Than Never…

So, you might have noticed that i have not posted in almost two months <blush> for this, I am very sorry. Please accept my apologies. Baby Thor went from a fairly-easy-to-entertain and having-some-naps-during-the-day to an almost toddler in the blink of an eye. We are now:

  • Sitting unaided
  • Standing when holding on to stuff
  • Bum shuffling
  • Commando crawling
  • Requiring constant attention as to how amazing our small self is

None of which contributes to getting much blogging done. Also, foolishly, we are moving house, which in itself is like having another small but very expensive child in terms of time-suck activities. Oh and negotiating new working hours, mustn’t forget that And then throw in all the extra bonus things I might like to get done such as:

  • Laundry. Weaning onto solids seems to cause my laundry pile to quadruple within minutes.
  • Cooking. Cf weaning onto solids. And food for grown up dinner (yes, I know BLW could solve all this but try telling baby thor that, he didn’t read the manual)
  • Tidying, food shopping and other house-hold admin
  • Contemplating taking a shower, going to the bathroom and otherwise taking care of myself. This is always bottom of the to-do list!

However on the positive news front the following things have happened:

  • Baby Thor has slept through the night (12hrs) TWICE
  • I have had a NIGHT OUT for the first time since January 19th 2012
  • I went to work for the day and Baby Thor behaved for my mum and sister
  • I like bullet points…

So anyway, despite all of the above, I am endeavouring (spell check is underlining this word as incorrectly spelled, I am saying NO to American spell check) to get back into my posting-stories-schedule as I have been meeting lots of mums at my local BFing group and also on the Facebook group. Hopefully there will be some more stories coming your way pronto.

From my own personal breastfeeding experiences, we are still breastfeeding, at over 8 months – woohoo – which some people seem to think of as extended breastfeeding, which is entirely up to them. We have four teeth to contend with also. Which can be a tad painful on occassion and baby thor may learn some delightful new words as a result….And for a comedy moment, last week I was feeding in TK Maxx when the fire alarms went off. About 20 mins later, after being helped out of the store, down the escalators, with the buggy, my friend pointed out that my top was completely open, fully revealing my nursing bra. Hmmmmm – perhaps starting a new fashion? Maybe not!…. 

So that’s all for now, but here’s a couple of recent baby pictures for you all. Don’t forget to send in your drunk milk pictures or breastfeeding pictures to to add to the gallery!





Becky + Baby Thor


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